Create the perfect display for your products

Create the perfect display for your products

Seriars has 40 years of experience in developing and manufacturing polypropylene display racks and communication supports.

With us, you can create tailor-made solutions for your business and your products, with all of our experience and professionalism.

  • Smart floor display

    The SMART floor display is the simplest and most linear of our products: the back and the sides are made of one single panel, making it extremely easy and quick to assemble.
    While versatile and compact, it’s ideal for various kinds of goods and it offers a great visibility to the exhibited articles at a very advantageous price.

    Espositore smart

  • Peg floor diplay

    The PEG floor display is ideal to give visibility to products in blister packaging. Light, strong and customizable, it lasts over time and it’s very easy to assemble.
    It’s made of polypropylene and, when it reaches its end of cycle, it can be completely recycled as disposable plastic: it’s fitting for those looking for a versatile, nice and environment-friendly display.

    Espositore blister

  • Elegant floor display

    The ELEGANT floor display is the most polished of our range of displays: its joints remain hidden, making its features clean and elegant.
    Robust and completely customizable, both in the material color and in the print.
    It’s the ideal display for those who seek a refined and elegant floor display.

    Espositore elegante

  • Basic floor display

    The BASIC floor display defines our most classical and functional way to promote and exhibit any kind of product: available from 2 to 7 shelves, this display can be completely customized with our clients to obtain the maximum visibility at the stores.
    Made with polypropylene, an ecological and completely recyclable material, this display has a long lasting structure and it can be used indoors and outdoors.
    Completely manufactured in Italy with Italian material.

  • “Single” counter display

    Small, beautiful and inexpensive, this one-shelf counter display is functional and optimized to occupy as little space as possible showing the exhibited products the best way. Made of corrugated polypropylene, an ecological and recyclable material, this display is durable and can be used indoors and outdoors.
    Designed and produced in Italy.

Let yourself be inspired by our models and create
the most suitable plastic display for your needs.

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