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Briefcase with handle and fittings

Be it a briefcase for documents, a sample case or a container for whatever you need to carry, the briefcase with handle is a timeless classic.
It’s made of corrugated polypropylene, an ecological and completely recyclable material that lasts over time.
Designed and produced in Italy.

An object of desire in the 80’s, today the polypropylene briefcase is an article that businesses choose because, beside its versatility, a print of their logo is an additional way of promotion.
They are available in hundreds of models and dimensions: thanks to the digital processing it’s possible to create a tailor-made briefcase for any specific need avoiding the costs of die cut.
Fittings are available in various colors and models and it’s possible to have a shoulder strap. The polypropylene used can be of various colors, also based on warehouse availability in case of small productions, and the customization can be in silkscreen or digital print.

USAGE AND CARE: this briefcase is made of corrugated polypropylene, a shock resistant material, washable, sterilizable, nontoxic, odorless, waterproof.
Polypropylene has an anti-static treatment but, when needed, the display can be cleaned with a damp cloth and a mild cleanser.
Our briefcases are supplied disassembled and flat, with fittings and accessories to be assembled.

RECYCLABLE: it can be recycled indefinitely and, if burned, it has no environmental impact because its combustion releases only water vapor and carbon dioxide.
Designed and produced in Italy with Italian raw material.

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