Espositore da banco a ripiani-1
Espositore a ripiani da tavolo SERIARSEspositore da tavolo a ripiani in plastica

Shelf counter display

This counter display with shelves represents a classic but functional way to promote and exhibit any type of product on a counter or desk.
Designed to obtain the maximum visibility in a store, it’s optimized to occupy as little room as possible on a flat surface showing the exhibited prices the best way.
Made of corrugated polypropylene, an ecological and recyclable material, this display is durable and can be used indoors and outdoors.
Designed and produced in Italy.


This counter display wraps up simplicity and innovation. It is available in multiple versions with 2 and 3 shelves. It can be produced with our six standard colors (white and black or yellow, green, red, blue according to warehouse availability) and it can be customized with silkscreen or digital print, to be evaluated based on the quantities and on the type of graphics needed.

USAGE AND CARE: this display is made of corrugated polypropylene, a shock resistant material, washable, sterilizable, nontoxic, odorless, waterproof.
Polypropylene has an anti-static treatment but, when needed, the display can be cleaned with a damp cloth and a mild cleanser.
Our displays are supplied disassembled but they are easy to build with our assembly scheme that goes along with each display.

RECYCLABLE: it can be recycled indefinitely and, if burned, it has no environmental impact because its combustion releases only water vapor and carbon dioxide.
Designed and produced in Italy with Italian raw material.


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