Espositore da terra personalizzabile in plastica SERIARSEspositore in plastica elegante personalizzabile SERIARS

Elegant floor display

The ELEGANT floor display is the most polished of our range of displays: its joints remain hidden, making its features clean and elegant.
Robust and completely customizable, both in the material color and in the print.
It’s the ideal display for those who seek a refined and elegant floor display.

Espositore elegante


The elegant floor display is made to last over time: the material with which it’s made doesn’t fear humidity and grants an optimal endurance for heavy products. Based on the type of goods that have to be exhibited we decide with our clients (or with you?) how many shelves to consider, the stiffness, the height and the bending of the front flaps, and also the material color and the graphics to print on the surfaces.
At the end of its life cycle the elegant floor display can be completely recycled as plastic material.

PRO TIP: On the elegant floor display made in black material the exhibited products stand out very well.
The function of the dividers is to sustain the upper shelves granting a higher stiffness but they can be very useful to subdivide spaces.
The header board can be rectangular, semicircular or with a shaped outline based on a digital draft.
If there is enough room below the bottom shelf it is possible to create a reserve hatch for extra products.
A flyer holder can be attached to the side to give additional information about the products exhibited.

USAGE AND CARE: this display is made of corrugated polypropylene, a shock resistant material, washable, sterilizable, nontoxic, odorless, waterproof. It can be placed outdoors.
We advise against moving this display when it’s loaded, specially if the exhibited goods are heavy.
Polypropylene has an anti-static treatment but, when needed, the display can be cleaned with a damp cloth and a mild cleanser.
Our displays are supplied disassembled but they are easy to build with our assembly scheme that goes along with each display.

RECYCLABLE: it can be recycled indefinitely and, if burned, it has no environmental impact because its combustion releases only water vapor and carbon dioxide.
Designed and produced in Italy with Italian raw material.




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