Espositore per blister da terra in platica SERIARSEspositore Blister in plastica SERIARS

Peg floor diplay

The PEG floor display is ideal to give visibility to products in blister packaging. Light, strong and customizable, it lasts over time and it’s very easy to assemble.
It’s made of polypropylene and, when it reaches its end of cycle, it can be completely recycled as disposable plastic: it’s fitting for those looking for a versatile, nice and environment-friendly display.

Espositore blister


The PEG floor display is completely customizable: it doesn’t have a pre-cut pegboard on the back but the holes are made according to the specific needs of our clients. The hooks that we use are in metal, of variable lengths, and each of them can hold up to a kilogram (about 2.2 lb).

PRO TIP: the PEG floor display is really versatyle: it can have the peg part on the upper half and shelves on the lower half of the structure.
This display is generally produced with polypropylene with a higher width and specific weight. The colors available for the material are white or black but it can be customized in silkscreen or digital print.


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