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Smart floor display

The SMART floor display is the simplest and most linear of our products: the back and the sides are made of one single panel, making it extremely easy and quick to assemble.
While versatile and compact, it’s ideal for various kinds of goods and it offers a great visibility to the exhibited articles at a very advantageous price.

Espositore smart


The smart floor display is available in configurations from 2 to 7 shelves, all alike or with different heights, with the front shelf flaps bent upwards or downwards.
Various kinds of customizations can be applied to this display, both in silkscreen or digital print. Flyer holders can be attached to the sides to give additional information about the goods and wheels can be placed below a specific base for the purpose.

PRO TIP: The function of the dividers is to sustain the upper shelves granting a higher stiffness but they can be very useful to subdivide spaces.
To give more visibility to the exhibited products it is possible to obtain windows of the desired shape on the sides.
The header board can be rectangular, semicircular or with a shaped outline based on a digital draft.



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